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Wellness Black Shampoo

1. Made of herbals and Noni fruit ( Noni fruit is for strengthening the hair, helps hair growth and to prevent hair loss.)
2. Can be used any part of the body hair as it do not stain your skin.
3. Two pcs of gloves are provided to protect the nails from staining the colour (as the nails are dead cells).
4. Manufactured/Imported under the license of Central Govt. Drug Controller.
5. Tested at International standard drug testing laboratory, Chennai Central Drug testing laboratory and Kerala State drug testing laboratory, Trivandrum.
6. No need to use shampoo separately to make it "natural black" as this product contains shampoo also.
7. Can be used about 1 year for a male and 6 months for a female.

Production License:

1.Black Shampoo has the Cosmetic of Special Purpose Production Permit issued by the Ministry of Health.


3.ISO 9001:2008

Introduction to Black Hair Shampoo

Black Hair Shampoo is the latest generation hi-tech hair blackening product by applying Chinese herbal secret recipe with herbal extracts, and features mild nature to hair, and can make hair manageable, black and lustrous with persistent effect.The hair shampoo has unique formula, and can shampoo and black hair with hot oil effect, and makes hair black, natural and bright for dyeing hair, white hair and gray hair.It is one of hair care products.

Main Ingredients

herbal extract

Operation Procedures:

1) Black Hair Shampoo is as simple as hair shampoo, wear the gloves to protect the nails and then wet hair with both hands;
2) Squeeze out Black Hair Shampoo,attach to the hair.
3) Repeatedly massage hair with it to make the "Black Hair Shampoo" attach onto the root of every hair, focus on both temples, massage for 7-10 minutes till foam becomes dry, then rinse off with clear water;
4) Use it once a week for 3 weeks for early phase, then twice every 2 weeks, once every month later to achieve better effect.


1) Although Ruihu Black Hair Shampoo is herbal product with extremely mild nature and low allergic rate, it is impossible to avoid allergy for any cosmetic, particularly for allergic constitution;
2) Users with seriously allergic scalp, injured scalp and red acne shall perform skin test before use, please do not use if skin feels uncomfortable. Pregnant women and allergic scalp shall be cautious for use;
3) Please do not use the single bottle.
4) The product contains active substances and shall avoid direct sunlight, store under shade, keep away from children; please flush the eyes with plenty of clear water in case of eye contact.