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BIO-MAGNETIC BRACELET: Improve Metabolism, Enhance Immune System Boost your Energy, Strength, Stamina & Resistance Power. Time tested worldwide scientifically proven method that really works. It improves blood circulation & blood oxygen level. BIO-MAGNETIC BRACELET HELPS: Arthritis, Headache & Shoulder Ache, Reduce pain & Discomfort, Weight Loss, Better Sleep, Better Digestion, Reduce Stress & Fatigue BIO-MAGNETIC BRACELET HELPS: Improve Sex Life, Increase Sperm Count, Increase Strength & Boost Sex, Helps overcome infertility, Helps overcome women problems like periods, Menopause, hormonal disorder. BIO-MAGNETIC BRACELET HELPS: Better absorption of Nutrients, Helps Detoxify & Rejuvenates Cells. Relieve Muscle Tension and injury. CAUTION: Avoid Pacemaker users and Pregnant Women